Engels/International Baccalaureate

English/International Baccalaureate English

English is a language that will open doors for you. Whether you are meeting new friends in Holland and abroad, or you are working on your international career, you will need your skills in English to help you along your way. 

Because the Berlage is a TTO school, English is even more important to a Berlage student than to students at other schools. In the junior streams mavo, havo or vwo you will quickly learn the vocabulary and grammar to help you communicate. You will learn to speak, listen, read and write in English. You will read novels, make presentations and communicate in English.

In the mavo and havo stream you will receive 4 hours of English each week. These hours will help you to quickly improve your English to also follow other subjects that are taught in English. These lessons will also prepare you for the international recognised Anglia (mavo) and IETLS (havo) exams. 

In the vwo stream you will receive five lessons of English per week. Since more than half of your subjects are taught in English the language will quickly become second nature to you. With the emphasis on communication skills and active learning, you will work towards the level needed to sit the Cambridge Checkpoint exam at the end of the third year and the International Baccalaureate exam in your final year. 

The International Baccalaureate diploma is an internationally recognized diploma for English at near-native level. For the IB you will concentrate on analysing texts, both fiction and non-fiction, and you will refine your debating and speaking skills. Global studies and media and culture also make up the options studied for your IB diploma. (For more information on IB, see below).